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What is Inbound Logistics

inbound logistics

In business, you want to be efficient. This means you want to produce quality goods while reducing waste, errors, and labor. The best way to do this is to understand the logistics of your business and what they entail. What is Inbound Logistics? There are two main categories of logistics. They are inbound and outbound […]

What is the Most Important Part of the Cold Chain Process?

most important part of cold chain

The cold chain is a variation of the standard supply chain, and it transports goods that require specific temperatures. These temperatures can be refrigerated to frozen. Some of the goods that cold chain ships are foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. What is the Most Important Part of the Cold Chain Process The cold chain process is […]

What is Just-In-Time Supply Chain?

just in time supply chain

If you’re looking for a way to keep business costs down and manageable, you may have heard of just-in-time supply chain. A just-in-time supply chain is a supply chain that moves material just before it’s needed in the manufacturing process. It takes out the necessity of storing excessive materials in a warehouse. What is Just-in-time […]

What Happens if the Cold Chain Process is Broken?

cold chain broken

When shipping temperature-sensitive goods, cold chain is the logistics management process keeping these products in optimal conditions during transport. The cold chain also includes where the products will be stored and handled for their distribution. In a perfect world, we assume that the cold chain logistics will run smoothly, but that’s not the reality. Sometimes […]