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Cold Chain Solutions for Industry

Products and Services To Keep Your Cold Supply Chain Competitive and Sustainable

Temperature sensitive products require reliable temperature controlled environments to prevent spoilage and contamination from manufacturer to destination. Failure at any point in the supply chain can render goods unusable, resulting in recalls, financial losses, and damage to brand integrity.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions develops and manufactures high-quality, design-tested cold chain products – including Gel Packs, Ice Bricks, Pallet Shippers, and  Sustainable Shippers –  to meet your exacting requirements.

Additionally, our product engineering, supply chain, and consulting services allow us to provide a 360° solution to your cold supply chain needs.

With 6 manufacturing facilities and 12 distribution/storage centers/warehouses throughout the United States, a Nordic Cold Chain Solutions location is always nearby, providing for rapid delivery of products and peace of mind.

With a proven track record of providing reliable, cost effective, eco-friendly, and sustainable solutions, we can meet/fulfill your cold supply chain needs every step of the way.

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