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Cold Chain Product Engineering

Practical Solutions for Complex Cold Chain Challenges

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions provides high-quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable temperature-controlled cold chain packaging solutions designed to meet exacting temperature-sensitive shipping requirements. Our seasoned team has designed, developed, and produced some of the products and methodologies that have become standards in the cold chain industry today.

Our “material-neutral” approach allows us to remain flexible in providing clients with the optimal solution to their cold chain challenges while remaining cost-effective. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to identify their needs, meet their requirements, and exceed their expectations while remaining committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices.

Package Design

Often in cold chain solutions, the focus is only on what is happening inside the box without planning for all of the environments that the box itself may have to interact with. It is imperative to align with a partner that carefully considers, based on detailed discovery sessions and client-focused planning sessions, all of the “what if” scenarios and presents them in a fashion that allows you to make intelligent business decisions as it relates to your ultimate thermal packaging design. Our team aligns closely with yours to fully understand not only your core product but also the paths that the product may take to end-users and will help design optimal thermal packaging to support not only your specific product but also your brand equity in the industry.

Thermal Modeling

Whether assisting with new product development, evaluating alternative temperature profile options, or ordering existing designs to make sure that your company is getting the most from your payload, you can trust Nordic Cold Chain Solutions. We work closely with you to quickly develop, evaluate and analyze your temperature-controlled packaging needs with proven, cutting-edge thermal modeling techniques. Leverage our years of experience in the industry, in conjunction with our computational thermal performance analysis programs, to help you and your team understand your options and implement the best solution available.


Modeling performance is crucial in cost-effectively establishing potential solutions, but real-world testing is key to your ultimate success. At Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, we have developed laboratory and field testing scenarios that allow us to fully test proposed solutions that intrinsically save you time and money in the long run while also providing quantifiable evidence that your assets are in the best cold chain solution available.

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