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Cold Chain Market Solutions

Reliable, Cost-effective Cold Chain Packaging Solutions for a Variety of Markets

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions successfully serves the Life Sciences, Food & Perishables, Industrial, and Distribution industries with the highest quality temperature-controlled cold chain packaging products and services

Built as a family business, and based on a value-driven company mindset, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions partners with each of its clients to create custom solutions that meet the exacting requirements of temperature-controlled cold chain packaging and manufacturing.

Delivering more than half a billion products yearly with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry today, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has the proven ability to scale with customers unmatched by the rest of the industry.


Cold chain solutions are critical to the industrial market ensuring temperature stability from manufacturer to end-user.


Our cold chain solutions ensure the integrity of temperature-crucial shipments across the country or across the globe.

The demand for cold chain solutions continues to grow in markets requiring precise temperature control to maintain quality and adhere to safety protocols from beginning to end points.