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Cold Chain Solutions for Food & Perishables

Reduce Waste, Save Money, and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Fruits, vegetables, and animal-sourced foods are some of the most nutritious foods, as well as some of the most perishable. They require a temperature controlled environment to remain fresh and safe while passing through many facilities and hands on the journey to their destination. If not kept cool and clean, they are susceptible to contamination and spoilage, resulting in waste, monetary losses, and damage to brand reputation.

Nordic has been providing cold chain products and solutions to the food and perishables market since 2004, producing a wide range of products for temperature-controlled shipping, from gel packs and refrigerants to thermal packaging and pallet shippers.

Our cotton mailers, made from biodegradable cotton, are ideal for the shipment of food and perishable products.

With 50+ manufacturing and distribution centers across the United States a facility is always nearby, providing for rapid delivery of product and peace of mind.

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