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Cold Supply Chain Services

Cold Chain Conditioning, Kitting, Logistics, and Temperature Monitoring

Producing quality products that meet and exceed your temperature requirements is one key piece to the puzzle of a cold chain challenge. Delivering those products to their destination, untainted and undamaged, requires a well-formulated cold chain logistics plan and reliable resources to successfully and reliably fulfill it.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions leverages its vast industry knowledge, strategically placed conditioning and storage facilities, and trusted carrier network to provide our clients with the highest quality support and supply chain expertise.

Relying on our deep experience, project analysis data, and extreme attention to detail, we can support your JIT shipment needs of products and solutions worldwide. Additionally, Nordic’s kitting and assembly services save customers time and money while providing peace of mind.

Partnering with Nordic Cold Chain solutions for all of your supply chain needs will save you time, money, and worry.


Manufacturing, shipping, and freeze time of cold chain products can take 4-6 weeks, depending on the architected solution. With Nordic Cold Chain Solutions labs, our team of engineers designs and tests solutions to ensure packages maintain quality, consistency, and temperature for the strict demands of the cold chain industry. Our well-established network of freezers and logistics companies are audited regularly to ensure their facilities and programs meet Nordic’s stringent specifications and exceed yours.


Our packaging and kitting specialists will work closely with you and your team to understand you’re shipping quantity goals and the best way to attain them. Additionally, enjoy knowing that your team will be able to assemble packaging as economically as possible by leveraging our kitting services. Having everything you need in one place empowers your team with easy packaging assembly providing increased profit margin while decreasing room for error.


At Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, our inventory management and logistics programs are tailored to meet client demands. Whether shipping to one particular facility or multiple facilities and conditioning areas across the nation with various delivery schedules and quantity needs, Nordic Cold Chain can meet your logistic needs while remaining flexible and scalable throughout your product cycles.

Typically, a managed conditioned inventory program requires a minimum of 1 truckload per month. Most programs utilize regularly scheduled deliveries; however, deliveries can be adjusted as needs dictate.

Temperature Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring leverages technology to continually detect and maintain temperature-sensitive products transported in a “cold chain” to ensure product integrity. Nordic utilizes state-of-the-art technology to detect and address temperature fluctuations outside target/required product ranges while keeping track of all cold chain products from a single technology platform. Predictive maintenance, compliance, remote monitoring, and fleet management are improved as a result.

Earth observation

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time monitoring uses real-time data to identify anomalies and mitigate risk in the cold chain supply chain. Real-time data makes real time decision making during and after the journey possible, further ensuring the safety and integrity of product.

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