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Nordic Cold Chain Solutions History

Creating Custom Products and Solutions for the Cold Chain Industry for Over a Decade

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, formally Temperatsure, was started in 2004 by Christopher Smith as a way to build the highest-quality products for the cold chain industry. With a background in cold chain solutions, Smith built Nordic Cold Chain Solutions to be a true partner to each customer, rather than just another vendor. Over the years, and through growth across the meal kit and pharmaceutical industries, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has become the industry standard for materials, solutions and custom products.

From the first manufacturing location to today, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions prides itself on a great working environment with employees who truly care about the company, the product, and the customers. Many of the employees have been with the company since the very first year and helped develop many of the unique products now offered by Nordic Cold Chain Solutions.

Over the last decade, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions grew across six manufacturing locations spread around the country along with dozens of distribution centers so there is always a nearby location to meet customer needs. As each facility grew and the product lines expanded, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions helped to establish the meal kit market with Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Purple Carrot, and more. With a nationwide distribution of more than five hundred million products manufactured each year, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has grown into one of the largest suppliers of temperature-controlled shipping in the meal kit or pharmaceutical industries.

Over the years, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has worked to improve and develop the best products for the cold chain industry, including its unique recyclable plastics, food-safe coatings, and non-toxic gels. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions commitment to high-quality materials is a direct response to the customer-first approach that has helped the company grow over the years. With one of the highest retention rates of clients in the industry, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions knows that its partnerships that make the company strong.


The birth of Temperatsure and the Nordic Ice® brand in Reno, NV.


Temperatsure acquires Arctic Seal in Omaha, NE. Temperatsure has its second location.


Temperatsure goes East and open its third location outside of Philadelphia, PA.


Temperatsure Orlando, FL location opens covering the South and Puerto Rico.


Temperatsure becomes the national supplier for AmeriSource BergenSpecialty Distribution. Temperatsure opens a location in Louisville, KY.


Temperatsure completes its national manufacturing foot print with its 6th location, Carrolton, TX.


Temperatsure rebrands and becomes Nordic Ice®. New headquarters in Hatfield, PA.

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