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Commitment to the Environment

Recyclable Packaging and Our Commitment to the Environment

From automation to advances in recyclable packaging, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is making impactful changes in sustainable business practices. We manufacture products for safely and efficiently shipping fresh foods, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive materials across North America.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond creating safe products for businesses and homes. Over the last decade, we have developed unique cold chain solutions, including fully recyclable packaging for gel packs. Our research and development labs continuously innovate to produce long-lasting products that generate less waste.

Our gel packs feature food-safe packaging, reducing waste by eliminating unnecessary barriers between the gel packs and shipped food. These environmentally friendly products are safe for your family and the planet.

We offer two gel options inside our gel packs: a non-toxic gel and a water-soluble gel, both safe for you and your family.

Recycling tons of corrugate per month
Recycling tons of mixed plastic per month
Saved pallets using our pallet exchange program

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions products and services are developed with the environment in mind—from reusable packs to water soluble materials.

Nordic Drain Safe® is the industry's first long lasting, thermally efficient, eco-friendly gel refrigerant.

Pounds diverted from landfills since September 2018

The industry's first long lasting, thermally efficient, eco-friendly gel refrigerant.

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