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Nordic Cold Chain Expo Showcase
Asembia’s AXS24 Summit
April 28 – May 2, 2024 | Wynn & Encore
Las Vegas, NV
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Nordic Temperature Loggers

High Visibility Cold Chain, Low Profile Tag

Nordic’s temperature loggers allow you to track your products and analyze temperature fluctuations throughout its shipping journey. Featuring the simple form factor of a shipping label, this powerful RFID-enabled tag will allow you to check the temperature, location, and status of your shipment all from your smartphone.

Track the Temperature and Geo-Location of Your Shipments

Easy-to-read data and quick access via your smartphone make tracking your package seamless.

  • Printable 2D Form Factor
  • Real-time Clock & Memory
  • NFC & RFID Enabled
  • Adhesive Backed
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • Handheld RFID Reader
  • RFID Gateway
  • Tag Tracking and Data Analytics
  • Alerts and Email Notifications
  • Tag Configuration and User Permissions

See Nordic Temperature Loggers in Action!

Easy to Use
Configure, start, and read tags from any smartphone device (iOS/Android) via NFC Tap.

2D Form Factor
Adhesive-backed two-dimensional tag that is the size of a shipping label (125mm x 90mm x 1mm).

Long Lasting Battery
ZnMn battery lasts 180 days while recording, and no lithium means they’re air freight safe.

Printable and Customizable
Print barcodes or UIDs directly on the tag to sync with inventory management and asset tracking.

Wide Recording Range
-30C to +50C with a resolution of 0.25C and configurable logging intervals from 5 seconds to 9 hours.

99% less plastic than typical single-use temperature loggers and no dangerous substances meaning they are RoHS Compliant

Mobile Application

  • Know where your valuable shipments are

  • Analyze what condition they are in

  • Take action in real-time

  • Get hyper-accurate location in real-time with cellular, GPS, and WiFi

  • Receive real-time alerts on shipment conditions such as temperature, light, shock, and more

  • Hardware, software, and people working together to deliver shipments — on time and in full

Access Full Data with Ease From Our Cloud-Based Portal

  • Monitor and Track Shipments with Streamlined Dashboards

  • Configure Tag Profiles with Data Logging Settings

  • Create Alerts and Notifications for Temperature Breaches

  • Generate Custom Reports and Analytics

  • Set User Roles and Permissions

Get in touch with our Cold Chain Experts today to learn how
Nordic Temperature Loggers can be customized to fit your solution!