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Nordic Drain Safe™ Gel Packs Eliminate 35,000 tons of Refrigerant from Landfills in 2019

Keith Baechle, VP Sales & Marketing, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions; Gaurav Kale, Head of Engineering, Blue Apron; Mark Saurin, North America Commercial VP, Dow Chemical

Hatfield, PA – Nordic Drain Safe™ gel packs, the world’s first drain-friendly gel pack developed by Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, makes it easy for recipients of routine shipments to recycle when they are not able to reuse the extras they continue to receive. Nordic Drain Safe gel packs are either completely reusable or recyclable at the discretion of the recipient.

Previously, unwanted gel packs would end up in landfills even though the packaging is recyclable, the gel refrigerant could only be disposed in the trash. Effectively, gel-pack refrigerant compounds cannot be disposed down conventional plumbing without creating clogs. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ Nordic Drain Safe gel packs use a newly developed, proprietary refrigerant that is reclaimed in wastewater treatment and septic systems, completely eliminating waste. The gel packs can be clipped open and the refrigerant safely flushed with water down the drain. The empty pouch can be recycled anywhere number 4 plastics are accepted.

“Nordic Drain Safe has eliminated 35,000 tons of refrigerant from landfills in 2019,” states Keith Baechle, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions. “This environmental footprint reduction has helped Blue Apron win Dow’s Packaging Innovation award by reducing customer gel pack waste, a large component of the cold chain industry,” continues Baechle. “Drain Safe is the only refrigerant that allows recipients the choice of environmental responsibility. The importance of that is hard to ignore.”

Nordic Drain Safe is an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of industries including home meal kits, pharmaceutical shipments, biologics, life sciences, veterinary medicines, specialty foods, and other products that require temperature-controlled protection during transport. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions offers a wide variety of sustainable products, including plant-based thermal shippers, cotton thermal shippers, and cotton mailers.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has been an industry leader in temperature-controlled cold chain packaging and logistics since 2004. A dedicated solutions provider, the Nordic team works with clients to analyze a specific product’s size and attributes, intended transit durations and logistics, and other salient variables to develop effective item-specific packaging.

“Customization is an important part of the services we offer,” says Baechle. “Working with clients to devise ideal solutions for getting products safely to customers is both the work and the reward for Nordic Cold Chain Solutions.”

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