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Nordic Case Study: Optimizing Pharmaceutical Shipping for Efficiency and Cost-Savings

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A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer faced challenges in shipping large glass containers of their products. These shipments typically consisted of 3 to 4 cases bundled together, and their first packaging method led to several critical issues. Their initial packaging design was causing extensive damage to the products during transit, rendering them unusable and resulting in substantial losses. Also, the packaging design failed to maintain the correct temperature required for pharmaceutical efficacy, leading to further product losses and inefficiencies.

Nordic’s Approach

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions partnered with the pharmaceutical client to address these concerns. The customer began working with our lab services team to develop a shipper design tailored to their specific needs. This new design was thoroughly tested, exploring various scenarios and configurations. The new Nordic design provided an effective solution, enabling the products to be shipped, maintaining the necessary temperature, significantly reducing costs, and simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

The Results

Following the implementation of the new design-tested solution, our client experienced transformative outcomes. They were now equipped to ship their products with a lower risk of damage, ensuring product integrity upon arrival at its destination. The precise temperature control eliminated the risk of efficacy loss, enhancing the overall quality and reliability of their operations. The reduced costs and increased efficiency not only contributed to immediate savings but also positively impacted their long-term plans and competitiveness in the market.

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