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Nordic Case Study: Precision Engineering with Nordic’s Approach to International Pharmaceutical Transport

Pharmaceutical Transport


Nordic Cold Chain Solutions faced a difficult challenge when a leading biopharmaceutical company asked them to design a pallet shipper capable of transporting sensitive pharmaceuticals from Canada to China. The pallet shipper maintained strict temperature requirements to preserve the pharmaceuticals’ potency during transit across long distances and varied environmental conditions.The challenge highlighted the essential role of a reliable cold chain packaging system in safeguarding the pharmaceuticals’ effectiveness.

Nordic’s Approach

Nordic took on the challenge with great attention to detailand engineered a full-sized pallet that could withstandshipment durations of up to 120 hours. This solution wasdesigned to meet strict size and weight tolerances for airtravel, ensuring the safe transportation of pharmaceuticalswithout compromising their integrity. Through rigoroustesting and refinement, Nordic has demonstrated itscommitment to quality and innovation in cold chain logistics,making it a trusted partner for businesses in need of reliableand secure transport for their valuable products.

“Nordic has surpassed our expectations, cementing our confidence in their ability to manage our cold chain packaging and logistics needs. With Nordic, it is different from a typical transactional vendor relationship; they’re an integral part of the team and always a phone call or text message away.”

The Results

Nordic’s expertise in the pharmaceutical supply chain was highlighted by the prosperous launch of the pallet shipper solution. By surpassing expectations, Nordic gained more recognition and opportunities to contribute to the industry. This triumph established Nordic’s reputation as a dependable partner in ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of pharmaceutical products worldwide.

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