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Our Commitment to the Environment

Nordic Ice manufactures many products used by customers across North America to safely and quickly ship fresh foods, pharmaceutical drugs and other temperature sensitive materials. Along with creating safe products for businesses and the home, Nordic Ice is also committed to safe products for the environment.

Over the last decade, Nordic Ice has researched and developed new products unique to the cold chain market including fully-recyclable packaging for gel packs. The Nordic Ice Labs are constantly working to create new and improved products for the growing cold chain market that make for longer-lasting products with less waste than before.

Along with recyclable packaging, the Nordic Ice gel packs use only food-safe packaging within meal kit market which reduces overall waste by eliminating necessary barriers between the gel packs and the shipped food. The food-safe products are good for the environment and good for your family.

Nordic Ice currently offers two options for the gels inside of the gel packs—a non-toxic gel and a water soluble gel. Both options are safe for you and your family.

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