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Nordic Cold Chain Expo Showcase
Asembia’s AXS24 Summit
April 28 – May 2, 2024 | Wynn & Encore
Las Vegas, NV
Booth 1606

1800 CRT Pallet Shipper

The Ultimate Solution for Large Payloads and Bulk Shipments, Optimized for Seamless Air Freight Operations Safeguard your shipments with Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ precision-engineered pallet shippers. These ensure optimal temperature control for temperature-controlled loads. Engineered for air freight efficiency outbound and flat shipping convenience inbound, our diverse range of pallet shippers meets your specifications. Trust […]

Global 456 Design-Tested Pallet Shipper

A Solution That Stands on Its Own Nordic Pallet Shipping Systems are design-tested to ISTA 7E profiles. The multi component Global 456 pallet shipping system is design tested to provide 110+ hours of protection in the summer and 120+ hours in the winter. Designed with convective air flow. Ships flat for delivery and return reuse. […]

Pallet Shippers

Nordic’s Quality, Performance, Engineering, and Design Protects Your Precious Cargo The right temperature-controlled pallet shippers will deliver your temperature-sensitive goods without spoilage, damage or loss of efficacy. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions designs each pallet shipper to meet your exact needs offering a variety of PUR and EPS pallet shippers to assist in refrigerated and chilled […]

Pallet Covers

Nordic Pallet Covers Are a Great Option to Extend the Effectiveness of Your Cold Chain Solutions Shipping a pallet of cold products can be a daunting task because a lot of money and product is on the line if the cold chain solution doesn’t work properly. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ insulated pallet covers can be […]