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Nordic Cold Chain Expo Showcase
Asembia’s AXS24 Summit
April 28 – May 2, 2024 | Wynn & Encore
Las Vegas, NV
Booth 1606

Cold Chain Solutions for Life Sciences

When Every Degree Matters Cold chain solutions are critically important to the life sciences and healthcare industry, ensuring that pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, vaccines, and other medical treatments remain temperature-stable throughout their journey from the manufacturer to end users. Exposing these products to temperatures outside their designated thresholds may render them unusable, resulting in recalls, financial […]


Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Solutions The number of pharmaceuticals needing specific temperature transport has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Reports show that approximately 60% of the 50 top-selling pharmaceuticals in the US have required cold chain handling since 2021. Furthermore, the rise of biologics and biosimilars in the pharmaceutical industry has increased the demand for […]

Animal Health

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions: Your Ultimate Solution for Your Animal Health Cold Chain Needs Animal health is critical – and ensuring that vaccines, medicines, and other vital products are transported and stored under optimal conditions is crucial to their efficacy and safety. That’s where Nordic Cold Chain Solutions comes in.  Our comprehensive solutions are designed […]

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Cold Chain Management Specialty pharmacy is a booming industry with an ever-growing demand for cold chain solutions to keep valuable and temperature-sensitive medications safe. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is the perfect partner, providing dependable safeguards that protect your patients, products, and reputation all from one reliable source. Challenges of Specialty Pharmacy Cold Chain […]

Clinical Trials

Your Trusted Partner for Clinical Trial Cold Chain Logistics Clinical trials are complex, multi-step processes that require precise coordination and reliable execution to ensure the safety and efficacy of new treatments and drugs. One critical aspect of clinical trials is the handling and storage of temperature-sensitive materials, such as drugs, vaccines, and biological specimens. This […]

Blood & Tissue

Blood & Tissue Cold Chain Solutions: When the Right Partner Can Be Life-Saving The medical and scientific community relies on Nordic Cold Chain Solutions to ensure reliable, top-quality cold chain solutions for transporting and storing blood & tissue samples. Consistent temperatures are critical in preserving sample integrity & accuracy of results – but can be […]


Vaccine Cold Chain Management The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on vaccine distribution and storage, highlighting the critical importance of maintaining the cold chain throughout the entire supply chain process. Ensuring that vaccines are stored at the proper temperature is crucial to maintaining their efficacy, and Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is here to help. […]