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What is Cold Chain Transport?

Cold chain transport

If you’ve ever considered shipping items such as makeup, fresh flowers, or meat products, then you’ll have to dip your toe in the world of cold chain shipping. Cold chain logistics is all about creating a safe storage and transportation process for products that must be temperature controlled. This process is important to make sure sensitive products arrive at the destination in a usable condition.

Cold chain transport focuses on the transportation aspect of cold chain logistics. It is one thing to store the products in a temperature-controlled warehouse, but it is entirely different to ship them from one location to another. Many businesses have no trouble keeping products properly stored on their premises. Still, they often outsource the work of transporting their products to a cold chain shipping company such as Nordic cold chain solutions. 

Depending on the product being shipped and on how imperative it is to make sure the product arrives within a certain temperature range, cold chain logistics can have a couple of steps to a dozen steps.

When it comes to developing cold chain solutions for your business, there are many products to choose from, from pretested frozen vaccine shippers to drain-safe gel coolants and ice wraps. For large shipments, there are EPS and PUR shipping containers as well as pallet shipment options.

If the thought of developing a cold chain shipping solution for your business overwhelms you, then outsourcing your cold chain solutions to a business with a wealth of experience is better than risking your quality products and your money on a subpar solution. A cold chain shipping company can help you develop a cost-effective shipping process for all of your temperature-sensitive products to ensure that they arrive at their destination properly.

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