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What is Cold Chain?

What is Cold Chain?

Cold chain is a logistics process for products that require specific temperatures for preparation, storage, and transport. Common cold chain products are vaccines, meats, and fresh flowers. These products must be kept at an ideal temperature, or they are rendered unusable, leading to wasted product. When these products go bad, the shipper and the business can lose money.

A successful cold chain process ensures that temperature-sensitive products stay within their optimal temperature ranges. Cold chain does not always require the temperatures to be refrigerated or frozen. 

However, products like ice cream and vaccines may require subzero ranges to maintain the desired state throughout the cold chain process. If these products leave their optimal temperature range, they can be rendered unusable, ineffective, or harmful.

Products like makeup and fresh produce do not require frozen temperatures, but they do require controlled ambient temperatures to ensure the quality during the storage and transportation process.

Many food and pharmaceutical companies rely on cold chain management to keep their products safe during storage and the transportation process. Many of these companies rely on cold chain shipping companies to create efficient storage and delivery options for their temperature-sensitive products.

Whether your business has been active for a decade or you are still developing a product line, a cold chain shipping  partner such as Nordic Cold Chain Solutions can help you develop the best cold chain logistics management for all of your products. Nordic cold chain solutions has a team of expert engineers who have been in the cold chain shipping industry for over a decade, and they can ensure your products will arrive at their destination in temperature.

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