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How are Meal Kits Shipped?

meal kits

How are Meal Kits Shipped?

         Meal kits are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. They represent a service that is easy to indulge in and which makes life easier. The issue, of course, is that food can spoil and go bad if it is not properly shipped. With meal kits on the rise, it is important to know how they are shipped and how they can be delivered to your door without damage.

         According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), meal kits need to be shipped at a consistently safe temperature. They need to be shipped with packaging intact and delivered to doors at proper temperatures. This is done because of the ease with which food can spoil. If left unchecked, germs and bacteria can form and ruin meal kits. Kits are typically loaded on trucks and delivered throughout the nation. Refrigerated trucking has been a developing technology in the U.S. since the late 1800s and is incredibly effective at delivering cold or frozen items successfully.

         In addition, all food must be correctly handled before it is packaged and sent to customers. It is recommended that food is thoroughly inspected upon delivery, especially food that is meant for people who are older, pregnant, or who have health problems, as they can be more susceptible to illness. Essentially, however, meal kits are shipped with relative ease. As long as the packaging is undamaged, the containers keep the food stored at the proper temperature, and no mold, germs, or bacteria develops, the products will be fine. Indeed, the development of cold shipping has allowed for things like meal kits to be shipped with productivity and ease!

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