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Can I Ship Cold Pack with USPS?

cold pack usps

         More than ever, in the wake of a pandemic, people have been sending items and care packages to loved ones. This has brought with it a question. Many people are wondering if it is possible to ship cold packed items through the United States Postal Service. The answer is yes, though you will need […]

Shipping Sustainability

shipping sustainability

Shipping Sustainability          Sustainable shipping is a big topic, one that is growing more important as environmental impact issues become more widely addressed around the world. In many shipping industries, there is a long history of using dirty or non-sustainable fuel. This practice, while successful, is not sustainable for future generations. Especially with the problem […]

The History of Cold Shipping

history of cold shipping

The History of Cold Shipping          Cold shipping is required to ship numerous items around the nation (and the world). Cold shipping can be difficult. Indeed, shipping things across the country already presents its own challenges, and that’s before adding in the problem of temperature regulation. There are a lot of rules that require following […]

How are Meal Kits Shipped?

meal kits

How are Meal Kits Shipped?          Meal kits are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. They represent a service that is easy to indulge in and which makes life easier. The issue, of course, is that food can spoil and go bad if it is not properly shipped. With meal kits on the rise, […]

Where to Buy Cold Packs for Shipping?

Pre-test cotton mailer

The method in which to ship perishable goods all depends on how cold they need to be. For example, if you are shipping frozen goods, an insulated cooler or dry ice may be ideal. However, if you are shipping something that only needs to stay chilled, or around 32°F, then cold packs may be the […]

How to Ship Cold Items

shipping cold items

Whether you want to ship a loved one frozen meals or considering starting a business that requires shipping temperature-sensitive products, shipping perishable items can be a process. For many people, the idea of shipping food brings up the image of wet boxes, smashed cupcakes, or rotten meat. However, shipping cold items is no longer so […]

How to Ship Refrigerated Items

shipping refrigerated items

In the past, shipping temperature-sensitive items has been a challenge. Today, however, it is far easier because of advancements in technology and transportation. From insulated cooler boxes to temperature-controlled pallets, shipping refrigerated items has never been easier. How to ship refrigerated items Temperature-sensitive items are shipped every day, whether it’s winter or summer. These items […]

Where to Buy Insulated Boxes for Shipping?

insulated boxes

Shipping perishable items can be a risky business. Not only do you need a tight storage and shipping plan, but you can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars if your shipping plan goes wrong. There are many layers to developing a solid cold chain shipping solution, but many start with insulated boxes. Where to […]

What is Thermal Packaging?

thermal packaging

If you’ve ever wanted to ship something that requires a controlled temperature, then you’ve encountered the world of thermal packaging. Thermal packaging is used to ship temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals, seafood, meat, and even fresh flowers. What is thermal packaging? The purpose of thermal packaging is to maintain the condition of the item or product […]

How to Customize Shipping Boxes?

customize shipping boxes

If you have considered starting a business that requires shipping perishable items, you have been introduced to the cold chain shipping process. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions offers a variety of shipping solutions for businesses, but sometimes premade packaging doesn’t work. How to customize shipping boxes At Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, our in-house team has the […]