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Where to Buy Gel Ice Packs for Shipping?

While most things can be shipped with little thought, items that require temperature-controlled settings are a lot more difficult to put into the shipping transit system. There are many ways to keep items cold during transit, but one of the best ways is to use refrigerants.

Where to Buy Gel Ice Packs for Shipping

Refrigerants, especially gel ice packs, come in various sizes and materials, and they can be used for ambient, hot, or refrigerated and frozen products. Gel packs can range from durable, one-use options that can be safely disposed of after usage to reasonable, long-lasting solutions.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions offers a variety of gel packs for many different shipping solutions. Our trademark drain-safe gel packs are ideal for routine deliveries where reuse isn’t an option. The consumer can drain these gel packs once the product is delivered. Our regular gel packs are suitable for most usages where a reusable, durable, long-lasting solution is desired.

Finally, we also have linked gel packs, ideal for food-grade applications that work best with flat gel packs. No-sweat gel packs are best for paper-packaged products, gift boxes, or wine packaging applications.

Refrigerants are a great, cost-effective way to ship temperature-controlled products because they are flexible, reusable, and durable, and they offer a long-lasting solution to routine deliveries. With Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ drain-safe product, they can also be used on the consumer and safely, without passing on the issue of disposal to the receiver of the goods. With our linked and no-sweat gel packs, there is a cold chain shipping solution for every project.

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