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How to Ship Refrigerated Items

shipping refrigerated items

In the past, shipping temperature-sensitive items has been a challenge. Today, however, it is far easier because of advancements in technology and transportation. From insulated cooler boxes to temperature-controlled pallets, shipping refrigerated items has never been easier.

How to ship refrigerated items

Temperature-sensitive items are shipped every day, whether it’s winter or summer. These items can range from vaccinations, such as the COVID-19 vaccine, to makeup. Not every item needs to be frozen. Some just require a low ambient temperature so they can arrive in the best condition to the customer.

There are many options for shipping refrigerated items, including ice packs, insulated coolers, and insulated mailers. Depending on the size of the item you are shipping, an ice pack and insulated mailer may be all you need to keep it chilled during transit.

For larger items, a combination of an insulated cooler and ice packs could be sufficient. However, if you are shipping a large pallet of goods, there are insulated pallet shippers and pallet covers to ensure that your products’ temperature range stays cold.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions makes a variety of cold chain shipping items, including our trademarked Nordic Drain Safe gel packs, perfect for situations where reusability isn’t an option. They also have pretested shippers, sustainable packaging options, and custom solutions for your business. If you have a unique situation or you are unfamiliar with the process of cold chain shipping, then our team of cold chain experts can help you develop a system for your business.

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