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What is Thermal Packaging?

thermal packaging

If you’ve ever wanted to ship something that requires a controlled temperature, then you’ve encountered the world of thermal packaging. Thermal packaging is used to ship temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals, seafood, meat, and even fresh flowers.

What is thermal packaging?

The purpose of thermal packaging is to maintain the condition of the item or product being shipped. If it is a food product, it’s important to maintain the condition and appearance of the food, so the quality characteristics are preserved in the shipping process. For pharmaceuticals, the chemical composition can change if they’re not stored under specific temperatures.

During the shipping process, one must consider the transit duration and the temperature that must be maintained. Different thermal packaging options have different ideal shipping times. You need to know the maximum possible time with each tracking option so the goods stay temperature-controlled for the duration of travel.

The most common materials for thermal insulation packaging are synthetic foams, natural fibers such as cotton, reflective materials, and polystyrene or Styrofoam. There are also plenty of eco-friendly materials for thermal packaging that can meet customer demands and reduce trash and landfills.

Depending on the size and duration of your shipment, thermal packaging options can be used together. For example, insulated mailers can be used with molded EPS coolers or packed inside PUR shippers. Custom packaging options are always available, and our team of cold chain experts can help develop a cold chain shipping process with thermal packaging options for any shipment.

Cold chain shipping logistics are mandatory for shipping products that require temperature-controlled settings. Depending on the size and type of the shipment, thermal packaging options can be a great method to keep products chilled. Thermal packaging options range from polystyrene to insulated cotton mailers and everything in between. These thermal packaging options can also be combined to create the perfect environment for shipping your items.

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