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Where to Buy Cold Packs for Shipping?

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The method in which to ship perishable goods all depends on how cold they need to be. For example, if you are shipping frozen goods, an insulated cooler or dry ice may be ideal. However, if you are shipping something that only needs to stay chilled, or around 32°F, then cold packs may be the best way to go.

Where to buy cold packs for shipping

Cold packs for shipping are similar to those you would use in elementary school to keep your lunch cold. They are frozen blocks of gel or water that can be reused over and over again. These items can mold to the shape of your product and be stacked on top of one another if necessary.

However, the best part about cold packs is that some of them are easily disposable, such as The trademarked Nordic Drain Safe gel pack. These gel packs are ideal for routine deliveries where reuse or disposal are inconvenient or not an option. These are great for shipping from a business to a customer because it allows the customer to dispose of the product easily in their kitchen sink.

When purchasing cold packs, it’s important to consider the dimensions and temperature of the item you will be shipping. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions offers various premade gel pack sizes, but we can also customize gel packs for any and every shipping situation. 

Our team of cold chain experts have been working for over a decade to develop cost-effective and efficient methods of shipping cold and temperature-sensitive products. Whether you are sending frozen pies to a relative or starting a makeup delivery business, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions can develop a cold chain shipping process for you.

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