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Where to Buy Insulated Boxes for Shipping?

insulated boxes

Shipping perishable items can be a risky business. Not only do you need a tight storage and shipping plan, but you can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars if your shipping plan goes wrong. There are many layers to developing a solid cold chain shipping solution, but many start with insulated boxes.

Where to buy insulated boxes for shipping

Insulated boxes are what keeps your products safe while it’s in transit. The length of time it must stay in transit will decide what type of insulated mailing box you require.

For example, our PUR shippers are ideal for products that will stay in transit for a long time. These polyurethane cooler boxes can handle temperature conditions from ambient to frozen, and they can also protect your items from damage during transit.

For shorter shipments, you may not want to utilize PUR shippers. Instead, EPS coolers may be a better solution for your item. These insulated cooler boxes are also ideal for ambient to frozen products, but they’re best for shipments that will not stay in transit for a long time. As long as your item stays in transit for less than 48 hours, EPS shipping boxes may be the right solution for your business.

Insulated boxes are only one of the pieces to a successful cold chain solution. While they can help keep your temperature-sensitive products safe and chilled, you may still want to add other solutions in addition to the insulated boxes. With the right size box, you can add a liner or a few ice packs to the interior so that your item arrives to the customer in the right condition.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions offers various sizes for insulated boxes, but we can also custom create sizes for your specific needs. Whether you are new to shipping or you have a unique set of products, our experienced cold chain experts can work with you to develop an affordable and efficient shipping plan for your business.

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