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How is Cold Chain Maintained?

cold chain maintained

Cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain, and it involves an uninterrupted series of processes that store temperature-sensitive goods. This process is used to preserve and extend the shelf life of products, including fresh food, photographic film, pharmaceuticals, and makeup.

Because cold chain goods are perishable, cold chain management extends from when the product is created to when it is delivered to its final destination. Cold chain can include storage along with shipping.

When storing temperature-controlled items, cold chain can be maintained by having a temperature-controlled warehouse. In a cold storage warehouse, cold temperatures must be maintained at all times, or the products inside may not remain safe to use. It’s important to control heat exchange, provide employees with personal protective equipment, and utilize equipment designed to withstand cold temperatures.

Solutions for this part of the cold chain process can look like insulated curtain walls and reconfiguring the temperature as it fluctuates to manage heat exchange. Personal protective equipment can include multiple layers, gloves, and closed-toed shoes. Finally, most equipment is designed with an ideal temperature in mind. When using equipment in a cold storage warehouse, it’s important to select items that have been tested for cold temperatures.

Shipping items that require temperature-controlled settings can be easier because there are fewer variables to contend with. When managing cold items in transit, it is best to utilize a series of cold chain products, including insulated mailers, drain-safe gel packs, and polyurethane shipping boxes. Shipping items in a temperature-controlled van and monitoring them during the journey can also ensure they arrive in the proper condition.

Cold chain is the process of storing and transporting temperature-sensitive goods, and maintaining a cold chain process can involve multiple steps. If you are new to cold chain management, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ experts can help you solve any of your cold chain needs.

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