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Nordic Cold Chain Expo Showcase
Asembia’s AXS24 Summit
April 28 – May 2, 2024 | Wynn & Encore
Las Vegas, NV
Booth 1606

How is Cold Chain Maintained?

cold chain maintained

Cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain, and it involves an uninterrupted series of processes that store temperature-sensitive goods. This process is used to preserve and extend the shelf life of products, including fresh food, photographic film, pharmaceuticals, and makeup. Because cold chain goods are perishable, cold chain management extends from when the product is […]

The Keys to International Cold Shipping

International Cold shipping

Cold chain shipping is the process of transporting temperature-sensitive goods from one place to another. Cold chain shipping is difficult domestically, but it can be even more challenging when something must be shipped internationally. Here are three tips for successful international cold chain shipping. Ship at the right time. First, it’s important to ship at […]

Five Surprising Things Shipped Through Cold Chain Management

cold chain management

Cold chain management is all about shipping temperature-sensitive items from one place to another. Some temperature-sensitive items are so sensitive that even the slightest temperature change can render them useless, such as ice cream or meat. However, there are many more things shipped through cold chain management you wouldn’t even think of. Vaccines. One of […]