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Five Surprising Things Shipped Through Cold Chain Management

cold chain management

Cold chain management is all about shipping temperature-sensitive items from one place to another. Some temperature-sensitive items are so sensitive that even the slightest temperature change can render them useless, such as ice cream or meat. However, there are many more things shipped through cold chain management you wouldn’t even think of.

  1. Vaccines. One of the most important things shipped through cold chain management is vaccines. Some vaccines require refrigerated or frozen temperatures, while others simply require an ambient temperature under 75°.
  2. Flowers. Flowers must also be shipped in a temperature-controlled environment, But they don’t have to be frozen. Instead, flowers need a controlled ambient temperature to ensure they arrive at their destination in their best condition.
  3. Wine. Another product that must be shipped through cold chain management is wine. Heat and wine do not mix, and the general rule of thumb is that the hotter you store wine, the quicker it will age. The more it ages, the flatter the flavor. Because of this, it’s best to make sure your wine doesn’t experience fluctuating temperatures while it’s being shipped.
  4. Fresh Fruit. Fresh fruit, especially thin-skinned fruit and berries, are very temperature sensitive. Incorrect packaging can result in bruised or rotten fruit.
  5. Makeup. Finally, makeup also requires a temperature-controlled environment during the shipping process. Makeup can quickly melt in the summer months, rendering it useless once it arrives to the customer.

Whether you realize it or not, cold chain shipping is integral to our everyday lives. Some products, such as meats and frozen foods, are obviously shipped in a temperature-controlled environment. Still, there are so many more products you would never consider that also must be shipped through cold chain management.

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