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The Keys to International Cold Shipping

International Cold shipping

Cold chain shipping is the process of transporting temperature-sensitive goods from one place to another. Cold chain shipping is difficult domestically, but it can be even more challenging when something must be shipped internationally. Here are three tips for successful international cold chain shipping.

  1. Ship at the right time. First, it’s important to ship at the right time. When picking a ship date, focus on trying to get your product delivered before the weekend. Shipping earlier in the week can ensure your packages don’t sit in a warehouse for two days before they are delivered to their final destination.
  2. Use the right packing equipment. The second key to successful international shipping is to have the right packing equipment. Polyurethane cooler boxes and ice bricks are ideal for long-term shipping because they can insulate the products throughout the transportation process.
  3. Have a backup plan. Finally, with any successful cold chain management process, you must have a backup plan. This is no different for international shipping. A backup plan can look like utilizing multiple Products, such as insulated shippers, ice bricks, and ice wraps, to keep your item cold while also monitoring the temperature while it’s in transit.

If you are interested in shipping temperature-controlled items, including pharmaceuticals, foods, and makeup, you will have a cold chain shipping process. Whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, the cold chain process must be thoroughly planned and executed, so the products arrive at the destination as you intend them to. If you are new to the process of cold chain shipping, then Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ cold-chain experts can help you develop a shipping process that works for your business, your budget, and your products.

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