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Innovative Packaging Materials for Sustainable Cold Chain Solutions

As supply chains become increasingly globalized, businesses of all sizes seek innovative solutions to support their cold chain needs. Efficient and sustainable logistics operations demand packaging materials that are durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible. Discover how cutting-edge advances in technology and design have revolutionized the capacity to safely transport temperature-sensitive items across long distances without compromising their condition or your profits. From biodegradable insulating solutions to active monitoring devices, learn about the ingenious new developments helping companies stay ahead of an ever-changing shipping landscape!

Sustainable Packaging Materials

The need for cold-chain sustainable packaging materials is higher than ever. Cold chain logistics are crucial to maintaining the freshness, safety, and integrity of food and other perishables during long-distance transport. This requires effective insulation, safe handling methods, secure shipping containers, and improved packaging technology. Here are some promising cold-chain sustainable packaging materials that address these needs:

Biodegradable Materials

Sheet of cardboard with cutout recycling symbol on green grass, top view Biodegradable packaging is one of the most popular methods for ensuring that products maintain their quality and freshness throughout transport and reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastics. Bioplastics, such as cornstarch-based PLA or cellulose-based PBAT, can work effectively in various conditions and offer more robust protection than traditional plastic bags. This type of material can be easily recycled after use or composted to become rich soil conditioners for gardens or farmland.

Insulated Packaging

A worker in gloves is holding a packaging bag made of a material with foilInsulated containers are specifically designed to keep perishable goods at the right temperature during long-distance transit times by using specialized insulation materials such as polyurethane foam with foils on either side, reflecting body heat while aiding moisture retention inside the container. Many suppliers provide air-freight grade coolers with full-end opening lids for easy access and convenient hand-carrying alternatives for shorter delivery distances on foot or bike.

IoT Packaging

Using technology embedded within reusable shipping boxes, you can connect your supply chain system directly from the factory floor through to recipient doorsteps and monitor every step along the way thanks to intelligent IoT (Internet-of-Things) enabled trackers inside them, which capture real-time data about temperatures, humidity levels and even exact box locations throughout transit times enabling businesses and logistics firms respond quickly if any problems arise. IoT tracking systems also offer powerful insights into operational efficiencies thanks to reports generated via customizable dashboard views inside associated apps. These allow business owners to better understand how their products performed during transit periods, enabling them to identify issues before they occur again in future orders, saving time & money.

Phase Change Packaging

PCM is a very reliable method when it comes to keeping liquids frozen over an extended duration times often spanning several days due low cost required to make the transition from solid ice form liquid form and maintain optimum temperatures between -10 C +20C while traveling through hot climates without needing external energy sources powered by batteries & dry ice. Commonly used PCMs include eutectic plates containing waxes and paraffin blended according to glycol alkyl esters. Other chemicals possess high latent heat absorption meaning large amounts of thermal energy are stored and released gradually, maintaining a cooler environment around the product and creating longer shelf life.

Polyurethane Coolers

Polyurethane coolers are lightweight solutions preventing spoilage contamination risk foods and beverages provide an extra layer of security and ensure goods arrive unscathed destination point thanks to their closed cell structure, helping reduce break out product inner layers drastically minimizing chances of frost burn occurring packages too warm spoiled food contained within attaining desired outcome customizable internal fit outs these offer ultimate portable storage option any outdoor event situation extreme weather fluctuations expected affect shipment process adversely while still assuring quality standards met arrival point timely manner

Nordic’s Packaging Solutions

Nordic Cold Chain Packaging Solutions provides top-of-the-line solutions for safely transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Our products are designed to keep your products fresh and maintain the desired temperature range from shipment to arrival while meeting all regulatory requirements. Our cold chain packaging systems include:

Drain Safe®

The Drain Safe® gel refrigerant packs from Nordic are durable, reusable, and long-lasting poly gel packs that are also 100% safe for disposal in household drains. These packs can be used to regulate internal temperatures over long shipping distances, making them perfect for shipping food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other perishable items around the world while keeping them at optimal temperatures all along their journey.

Polyurethane Cooler Boxes

These shipping cooler boxes are ideal for temperature conditions ranging from ambient to frozen – they are great for pharmaceuticals, chemical, biological and food shipments requiring immediate delivery in controlled climates without interruption or delay – Nordic’s two-part system – containing an outer corrugated box with an inner polyurethane container – helps ensure secure delivery over longer periods.

Insulated Foil Bubble Box Liners

If your shipment is more tolerant to temperature extremes or excursions during transit, then insulated foil bubble box liners may be just what you need! Designed especially for short distances (up to 24 hours), these robust liners can resist ambient and frozen temperatures, making them perfect when sending perishables via same-day or overnight express services.

Nordic Express™ Design-Tested EPS Shippers

Nordic Express™ Design-Tested EPS 2-8°C and Frozen shippers are designed and tested to meet ISTA 7E requirements. Their multi-component packing configuration ensures protection for refrigerated products, ensuring the product arrives frozen for 1- to 2-day shipments, making them an ideal choice for a cold box vaccine carrier. These shippers come in multiple sizes, which can accommodate most payloads, and are design-tested for both summer and winter transit conditions. In addition, our EPS Frozen shippers are tested for -20°C, -60°C, and -70°C thresholds.

Custom Solutions

Nordic also provides custom solutions tailored specifically toward individual customers’ needs. Customers have the option of choosing from various insulated box configurations with various temperature ranges depending on their application, including but not limited to heated shipping boxes (50–70 °C)and refrigerated packaging boxes (2–8 °C). The options available allow customers to get precisely the solution they need without compromising quality or reliability.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Sustainable cold chain solutions are the future of packaging materials. Nordic provides innovative packaging materials that help lower the impact on our environment while providing an efficient and effective method of packaging products safely for shipment from one point to another. These renewable resources can reduce the need for less environmentally friendly materials while maintaining a high and reliable cold chain solution. Nordic continues to lead the way with innovative sustainable solutions. Partnering with us will be an appropriate choice for any business that wants to take advantage of sustainable cold chain solutions while helping to reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

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