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Nordic Elements™ Sustainable Paper Liners

Nordic Elements Sustainable Paper Liners

Environmentally Friendly Thermal Packaging Elevate your business with eco-friendly packaging. Choose Nordic Elements™ paper liners to ensure optimal temperature control for your sensitive products while minimizing your carbon footprint. Join the movement towards a greener future while enhancing your supply chain efficiency – because sustainability is not just a choice; It’s the smart choice for […]

Nordic Express™ Design-Tested Cotton Shippers

Optimize Your Sustainable Shipping with Nordic Express™ Design-Tested EPS Shippers Nordic Express™ Design-Tested EPS 2-8°C and Frozen shippers are engineered to meet ISTA 7E requirements, ensuring reliable protection for refrigerated and frozen products during 1- to 2-day shipments. Their multi-component packing configuration makes them ideal as a cold box vaccine carrier. Available in multiple sizes, […]

Cotton Mailers

Optimize Your Shipments with Sustainable Cotton Insulated Envelope Mailers Choose sustainability with cotton-insulated envelope mailers from Nordic Cold Chain Solutions. These eco-friendly mailers provide superior protection and reduce heat transfer for fragile and perishable products. Unlike rigid foam packaging, our insulated mailers save storage and shipping space while minimizing waste. Made from recycled cotton, they […]

Sustainable Cotton Shippers

Enhance Your Sustainable Shipping with Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ Cotton Shippers Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ Sustainable Cotton Shippers feature biodegradable and compostable insulation from recycled cotton wrapped in white poly film, facilitating bio-disintegration within 18 months. The two-panel box liner insulation is compatible with corrugated boxes and approved for use with any Nordic Ice refrigerant […]